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10. quentin tarantino he makes 70's exploits in the modern day about things. i find his work fun and i find his interests fun. i just dont think he's as powerfully grounded or clever as the rest of these people, but hey, he's definitely impressive and sincere about what he likes.


9. jay bauman/mike stoklasa (redlettermedia in general) these guys are so funny and so mindblowingly direct that its hard to see why more people dont watch their work. they make films about characters in webshows and they make films based on reviewing other films while creating character and jokes of their own within those reviews. they really are wonderful and have inspired countless jokes of mine and countless times of laughter as well as education about film. they teach with their comedy, and then play it off as a joke to themselves. amazing comedy group these guys.


8. terry gilliam he made a ton of monty python. he made brazil. he made fear and loathing in las vegas. he has a serious eye for detail, the camera, the writing involved, and comedy in general. a fantastic artist who i still respect to this day.


7. stanley kubrick kubrick!? this low on the list!?!?!? yes. this guy made some of the most important pieces of dramatic, funny, horriffic, and downright brilliant pieces of film ever made. he's not as personally important to me as a content producer as others, but he's a serious inspiration to the art form, and i wish he could still be alive this very day.


6. mark busseler ok, you probably dont know the name. this guy makes classic game room and is the producer/director of inecom. classic game room is so witty, so direct, and so briskly done that it gives me hope in the sheer amount of love he has for video games as fun and as art. a genuinely funny guy who makes videos at such an alarming rate every day that its nearly impossible to not be impressed at his talent.  


5. paul verhoeven if satire was a sandwich, this guy is subway. he makes some incredibly funny satire and finds it a way to both express silliness with general ideas and modern society as well as using it to create universes that he finds so bad that he finds comfort in them existing. he's a wonderfully happy film maker who made robocop, starship troopers, show girls, and many other great hilarious movies that become awesome the more times you think about them. i simply love this guy.


4. david lynch  

he does creepy, creative things. i like creepy when its done just right, and he's the perfect example of a horror storyteller with a vision. a great, compelling film maker who i think you might have heard of.


3. david cronenburg he's a film maker you might not be aware of, but he's far from being unheard. his remake of the fly, videodrome, a history of violence, scanners (what is a scanner david? i still dont know. inside joke), all are visually compelling, incredibly creative, and they all have strong themes that blow my mind. he loves violence as a fun film making artform, and its wonderfully entertaining as well as simply fun. a great film maker who is still working to this very day.  


2. mel brooks he's mel brooks. you've probably seen at least one movie he was involved in and/or made himself. he thrives in comedy and has a wonderful passion for getting across his brilliant concepts. i would reccommend anything he's been a part of to anyone who just wants to laugh, think, and may be even feel a part of. he also won all of the possible academy awards (an egot winner as vsauce calls it) and that is notable enough for you to praise his work. awards or not, he will make you laugh and feel joy.


1. edgar wright this director is who i would consider my favorite. his films are all wonderful, and he has only made 4. 2 of which are my top 2 favorite films. he makes the very best out of what he has and what he can do with characters and a camera. he makes brilliant comedy using what he loves and what he wants to express as sincerely and as powerfully as he possibly can with usually under 2 hours to make it possible. his truly wonderful sincerity as well as his unabridged talent for film and just art in general has inspired me every time i pop in one of his movies in a dvd player. a remarkable human being and a remarkable film maker.

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