2017 Submissions

pandora ELECTRIC Heavy Metal Song
medusa ELECTRIC Indie Song
The Remedy (Puscifer cover) General Rock Song
Foo Fighters Medley Through Time General Rock Song
SJWs: social wars Comedy Voice
tona hulk 5 Dubstep Song
"630-296-7536" pizza call Experimental Voice
The Kraken Ambient Song
A Farewell To Kings Cover Classic Rock Song
Soup Squad Television Intro Cinematic Song
AM Cast: fact vs. fiction Miscellaneous Voice
Circle of Drums Trance Loop
Gold Trance Song
Lonely As You (cover) Grunge Song
Halo (cover) Grunge Song
Tired of You (cover) General Rock Song
Disenchanted Lullaby (cover) Grunge Song
Times Like These (cover) Grunge Song
Have it All (cover) Grunge Song
Do I Wanna Know (cover) Indie Song
Mr. Patch Boss (cover) Video Game Song
Low (cover) General Rock Song
All My Life (cover) General Rock Song
...Like Clockwork (cover) General Rock Song
I Appear Missing (cover) General Rock Song
Smooth Sailing (cover) General Rock Song
FairweatherFriends(cover) General Rock Song
Kalopsia (cover) General Rock Song
My God is the Sun (cover) General Rock Song
If I Had a Tail (cover) General Rock Song
Vampyre of T&M (cover) General Rock Song
I Sat By the Ocean(cover) General Rock Song
Keep Your Eyes Peeled (cover) General Rock Song
zelda medley crescendii Video Game Song
success! (bend groove) Video Game Loop
Zelda medley concerto Video Game Song
solidify [remaster] Miscellaneous Song
solidify and coagulate Miscellaneous Song
else (fixed vers 2) Miscellaneous Song
Deer: a Capella A Capella Song
luigi's mansion theme redeux Video Game Loop
[RD2011] jammmed bolt Techno Song
forest temple (E major remix) Video Game Loop
introverture Miscellaneous Song
abandoned trance Trance Loop
two headed boy: a symphonia Miscellaneous Song
Neutral Milk Medly part 1 Indie Song
infiltrating the base Industrial Song
Haunted Grounds Video Game Song
hulalaoo the turd today Voice Demo Song
dhelyre boss battle Video Game Loop
Boss in the Flames(better one) Trance Song
shocker in the wolf Trance Song

2009 Submissions