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idea for a game!

2014-01-15 05:07:38 by Horsenwelles

here's the scoop so i have a public copywritten newspost containing my idea:

game draft-- Trust

a multiplayer game with 4 or more per game allowed. no less will start the game. the players are inhabiting a box with some kind of color or design that denotes them (possibly their user image from NG as well as a link to their account API). the players have 3 options: hinder, assist, stock. the game's goal is to survive by retaining mana, aka a sort of energy system and having your opponents mana fall to 0. it acts as your wealth, health, and power.


hindering is attacking the following player, it lowers their mana by an amount that mirrors your level at that time in relation to theirs and their stock amount. it gives you a little experience, and the hindered player no experience. this is the riskiest decision seeing how you break trust with the affected user, and though is the only way to beat other players, you dont get much experience.


this is the most safe option to choose, though the most costly in terms of mana. you give a little mana to the following player (less than you've spent), but you and the affected player gain experience. spamming this ability will drain your mana exponentially and cause you to lose the game quicker than any other option. it is also the most safe and effective strategy to level up for most of the game. just be cautious of your mana.


this is the middle of the road choice. this costs the middling amount of mana and reduces the amount of mana you will lose if attacked and/or the mana you take off your opponent when you attack. it basically makes you more defensive and offensive for a moderate cost but gives you no experience.

experience and levels:

you begin at level 1 obviously enough, and you must fill your experience bar to level up, ala pokemon. hinder gives 5 exp, assist gives 10 exp, and stock gives 0 exp, though increases the amount of exp you gain based on your next turn by x1.5. when you level up, for each level you will do x1.5 on any action you take's value. EX: level 1 is x1, level 2 is x1.5, level 3 is x1.75, and so on.

whoever wants to help me code this game, please pm me!!!


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Sounds awesome
You should post something about it to the collabinator or forums