Entry #124

so, that girl in contrast broke up with me. lol

2013-09-01 13:22:25 by Horsenwelles

yeah, my most successful flash i have ever produced. the entire point was to show my love for her and she walked off for some kid she met on the internet a week before we broke up a 2 year relationship. i'm just here to say that i am the white dragon.


you do not have to worry about me because i am going to make the best fucking flashes i can make. perfect will be out very soon, and i'm planning another HUGE background project with a very good friend. I will be making some burungerus and filler flashes here and there, but the bigger stuff will come and come hard. all over YOUR FUCKING FACE.


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2013-09-01 13:44:49

I cannot wait.
And you should also sometimes check your skype, just a reminded.

le edgy meme face!!!XDDXXD

But seriously, perfect (the robot thing right?) looks great 10/10


2013-09-01 13:45:17

Revenge is immature. You are apparently no better than she is. Good luck proving your "white dragon" thing to the moral courts.

Horsenwelles responds:

wait... my revenge was just being honest though,


2013-09-01 14:09:50

Agh, That really sucks dude. I'm not going pry, but remember that these things happen and people grow apart. It sounds really shitty how you two broke up, but keeping a Good attitude about it can help you cope better.

Anyways, Contrast is still fucking beautiful and i'm looking forward to your next Flashes!

Horsenwelles responds:

the flash still holds high relevance. it can be seen as a cautionary tale or an inspiration.


2013-09-01 14:29:40

oh my... all over? :X


2013-09-01 14:47:28

hang in there champ!

Horsenwelles responds:

i'm a chimp, and i swing like the nuts under my butts.


2013-09-01 16:27:28

Sorry to hear of it man... were you two married?

Horsenwelles responds:



2013-09-01 16:43:30

i remember that flash
it was fucking gay

Horsenwelles responds:

my favorite flavor!!!


2013-09-01 17:36:43


they do things...

Horsenwelles responds:



2013-09-01 17:56:54

stay strong bud

Horsenwelles responds:

oh man i sure will


2013-09-01 18:05:07

im sorry dante, just cheer up pal.

Horsenwelles responds:

cheer up? i'm motherfucking mary poppins cheery!


2013-09-01 19:18:05


she said she had a bf who made cartoons...

Horsenwelles responds:

i made a carton but the milk got everywhere


2013-09-01 20:25:42

I LOVE your attitude!! Go White Dragon :D


2013-09-01 23:37:20

I SWEAR it said you two were married somewhere...

Here we go, "this was made exclusively for my wife courtney's birthday". And then you both have the same surname in the credits. WHAT'S GOING ON, DANTE?

Horsenwelles responds:

fucking bullshit lies she wanted me to put on things. pretty open and shut case here watson.


2013-09-02 10:51:29

Looks like your FLASH-A *agonizingly loud koto drum hit* wasn't GOOD ENOUGH-A.

Horsenwelles responds:

thank you dennies i'll be here all forever