Entry #121

my friend fucked our childhood (and other news)

2013-01-25 12:43:03 by Horsenwelles

and i was there to see him catch it in the safari zone. he caught it in 2 encounters. i fucking hate things.

oh, and the big new flash will be for valentines instead of courtney's birthday. she said she really didn't need it for her, so i decided to move its upload date to the 14th, so be looking forward to "tall". ;)

in other news, people seem to get so upset when i write long-winded honest reviews. 3 little kids pm me to call me a faggot or something to that effect because i said that a flash by someone they don't actually know was not good in my opinion for actual reasons. i'm not really sure what was so horrible about telling someone "you're better than that". but i would like a little consensus here about the general newgrounds audience we have.

would you consider the majority of the newgrounds audience dumb if it included you? yes or no. (answer in the comments)

thanks for tuning in to this post fuck your childhood


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2013-01-25 13:00:01

I would have been in more pain if it was picachu from the sodding viridian forest. I hated that forest by the time I had finally got a weedle, catterpie and picachu. It killed you inside grinding that craphole.

Horsenwelles responds:

pikachu is a 10% encounter rate

chansey is a 1%, 3.9% catch rate, 50% chance to dodge the ball altogether.


2013-01-25 13:07:45

Don't be a whiner just because people whine to you. If you want to post negative reviews, you can take.the backlash like a man.

Horsenwelles responds:

but its still an interesting question. also i think you misinterpreted my statement as a whine. this aint no whinery


2013-01-25 15:44:25

audience is too large. people come here for different reasons as ng has a variety of content

Horsenwelles responds:

yes or no carrot YES OR NO hee haw


2013-01-25 16:56:03

"i'm not really sure what was so horrible about telling someone 'you're better than that'."

Except that's not what you're saying. What you're saying is "i'm not even sure you understand how funny generally works." That's not even cherry picking on my part; that's literally the second sentence of your most recent review. That's the kind of line you are using to start your"critiques" for these authors.

Your longer reviews come from a "holier-than-thou" point of view, as though you have found the secrets to telling a proper story and no one else can seem to grasp it. You're flat out insulting these authors, and then expecting them to take it like it's purely criticism.

Horsenwelles responds:

i didn't insult him. i said that he's misfiring and he's pandering to people he shouldn't be. the entire reason i wrote the multi-paragraph review was to explain what he didn't do right in a writing sense and what he should really work on. did you even read the last sentence or understand the point?

in fact, quote a part of the review that was an insult. quote me and explain how its an insult without suggesting implication.


2013-01-25 17:53:45

I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that Newgrounds is falling. The classic portal is backed up to where the entire list is full of flashes that are under judgement every time I go there. Reviews on popular Flashes aren't worth reading, and sometimes, reviews on my own content isn't worth reading.
But I guess that's the way the world is. At least, the Internet.

Horsenwelles responds:

i still read reviews on my stuff, but most of them are literally 1 sentence ending with "XD" or "WTF".

the internet is a fuck i tell ya what


2013-01-25 21:35:22

I think Psychicpebbles summed it up best in one of his replies:

"Your words are meaningless, you're a hypocrite, and you have no idea what you're talking about. You have no sense of humor, no sense of how to structure a story that isn't spam cartoons, and again, should be laughed at when you try to form a coherent critique, because clearly your idea of good and funny are my definition of unfunny corny diarrhea."

Horsenwelles responds:

too bad zach is actually smart enough to skype me and have an understanding. i think you're a little late for that one especially when he actually said he has hope for me and he does care that i wrote all that.

you should check your facts buddy, or at least consult the person you are quoting, though if you had quoted oney i would have just had a nice laugh at it.


2013-01-26 07:27:19

I'd like to bring myself into the discussion between you two (Lepy and dante224).

I've asked myself for quite some time now why NG didn't implement two types of giving feedback to the author. One being to write a simple comment and one being a review. This way, people would have the choice to either show the author that they like/dislike his/her stuff by simply commenting or, in order to help the author develop and become better, by writing a full review.

Sometimes I find myself just wanting to tell the author how much I fucking liked his stuff by posting dirty comments rather than writing a full review. That's why most of my reviews end in 1-2 sentences as well.

Plus, in order to write a review, I believe you have to have a general knowledge of how things work (e. g. animation). I think not everyone has that and that's why in my opinion letting viewers choose to either comment or review may solve some of the problems mentioned.

Horsenwelles responds:

that would definitely improve the quality of feedback and it might just prove very helpful in improving artists and comedians alike much more effectively


2013-01-26 10:56:01

This is basically "Dante Is Bad At Brawl" 2.0.

Horsenwelles responds:

i remember that nostalgiajoke

oh and shiny new username you niggy


2013-01-28 16:31:07

Oh danny boy, the n***as the n***as are calling you.

Horsenwelles responds:

that's a song right there


2013-01-29 04:06:18


Horsenwelles responds:

i'm thouroughly baffled


2013-01-29 09:44:06

when did this name change thing happen?

Horsenwelles responds:



2013-02-13 15:23:30

Holy shit, I've always thought you were obnoxious, but I never realized just how ridiculous you were until I read some of your reviews. You act like you're some master artisan who knows what qualifies as "humor" and what qualifies as "deep" because those things are measured solely by factual, undeniable guidelines. They're not. You're not smarter than anyone else. Even if you were, how would that give you any right to suggest that people more successful than you are have inferior intellect just because their sense of humor is different from yours (and, for that matter, a greater universal cause for joyous laughter than yours)?

I'm not even saying this from the perspective of, "Oh, man, you don't like something I like, therefore you're a terrible person." The animations you seem to hate the most are ones I find mediocre or decent at best, certainly not creations I would consider worth passionately defending. But at least I can recognize that my personal tastes in art are not definitively right or wrong.

It is for this reason that I have no intentions of answering your obtuse presumptuous question. Actually, I'd say "obtuse" and "presumptuous" are two words that describe most, if not all, of your so-called "critiques". I can't respect you at all.

Horsenwelles responds:

the great and powerful jonbro doesn't respect me oh boy i think im gonna staple myself to the traintracks! so depressed oh boy


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