Entry #118

merry christmas!

2012-12-25 06:57:40 by Horsenwelles

perfect time to make fun of jews. they dont be no get chrimchrim gifties.

oh, and we're still making sprite a days, so there's the playlist below for you guys to check out. we did a ton of work this month, and we'd like you to check it out. we have another 7 sprite a days left to make, so if you want in, don't be afraid to shoot me a private message and ask for the topic list, specs, etc. or just contact me on skype which you can find to the left side of my userpage.

hope you have a great Christmas and an unhappy shitty Hanukkah <3

sprite a day revenge playlist


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2012-12-25 10:06:40

happy chrismas

Horsenwelles responds:

glad christmas


2012-12-25 11:46:47

THE GAY CONTINUES we talked about this

Horsenwelles responds:

so gay man all day man


2012-12-25 11:55:48

Merry Christmas ;)

Horsenwelles responds:

chrimbus time is here chrimbus time is queer get used to it


2012-12-27 15:53:53

Robopon? Psshhh, you obviously haven't played Grandbo!


Horsenwelles responds:

oh jesus. and no i havent. i had robopon as a kid, so that was the choice